Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stinging cold, but not windy

No gulls flying, no hawks in sight, no starlings, no pigeons. Could the cold have driven everything into protective mode??? I had on three layers of everything and decided to stroll. Many of the river ducks were roosting, folded up in the sun, a few swimming about.

On the upper level the sparrows were eating seeds and one sparrow was collecting feathers. This is too early for nesting. Maybe this sparrow is working on an insulation project.

By the underpass tunnel from upper level to lower level there is a reflector, good to prevent collisions between bikes and joggers.

Also very handy for a self portrait. Dressing like an eskimo is a good idea when it's 17 degrees.

No further work has been done on this shabby, throw-together nest. While studying this work-in-progress I saw one of the hawks fly over. I got my usual rotten flight picture. The hawk then circled buildings on Riverside Drive and West End Avenue before heading North. I didn't hang around waiting to see if any construction would take place. It was too cold.

This looked like a frozen prehistoric lizard, but was merely an ice formation on the buoy.

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