Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dumb Luck

It's always exciting when a new spring arrival appears. The past two days the excitement has been for the Louisiana water thrush. I've seen this little bird before,... when I had a film camera, and when I had my first digital camera, but I'm far from being a water thrush expert. Today the big-lens guys were watching. I tried, but couldn't find this little bird who pokes around in the mud in the creek. Finally I walked off in search of a flicker, not an easy task as they are very shy. It's almost impossible to see a flicker close up. I hit it lucky, first two flickers on a log and then a beautiful bug-digging flicker.
Then it was back to the creek. Maybe I'll see a water thrush. Nothing. Wait, there's a little something on the side resting. A sparrow? No, beak too pointed. Interesting little bird, very pretty. Orange legs. Oh my God, it's the Louisiana water thrush. I've seen it! I've seen it! Dumb luck. Spring is here.

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