Sunday, April 26, 2009

Why leave home????

I was in the park for about four hours seeing very nice birds.... and sweating, ... it was very hot and thick. Finally I decided to head on home. I didn't want heat exhaustion. I always check our little garden fountain. There sat Mrs. Cardinal cooling off, bathing, enjoying the water. Smart bird. I thought about joining her, but it's a very small fountain. Then I went into the lobby and looked out into the back garden. Thank goodness the camera was in my hand. HOODED WARBLER. I should have stayed home and observed garden activity. The garden window is coated, so there is always a glare. The birds can't see into the lobby. They see a reflection of the garden. Both the hooded and a bug-hunting wren were up on the outer window ledge, too poorly lit for pictures, but eye-visible, close enough to touch had the glass not separated us.

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