Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A very special friend

A long time ago before I could really identify birds I saw a little bird and made a notation that I had seen a "masked bird". A month later I heard someone refer to it as a "bandito", so I made another notation. I'm not the fastest learner. The little masked bandito is a common yellow throat warbler, male. Every spring I really await the first appearance of this wonderful bird. Today was it, and for the first time I could take pictures with the more powerful lens. I'll blog extra images, ....for now here's my friend.

But you must not think I've learned everything. I also saw the blue jay with a "cherry bomb". Terrorist in the Rambles???? That's what my brain registered.
Actually, I did watch a "terrorist" at work. Yesterday we heard a hawk. All the small birds vanished. The hawk screamed again, but this time we heard and saw the "hawk". It was the blue jay doing hawk,.... nothing like a flying bully.

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