Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Sunday Miracle

There are some birds who are so special that you just bang off pictures assuming the next sighting may not be for years. One of my favorite unique birds is the woodcock. I rarely see any, and if so, it's always in February or March. They blend into the leaves, hide under logs, very hard to spot if at all. I haven't seen a woodcock since March 2007.

Today was the great miracle. It's April!! Surely woodcocks have passed us by. Wait a minute. There's movement under that log. The leaves are waddling. What's that? A pigeon with a stick?? Oh my God, it's a woodcock, - first blending into the leaves, then out on the rock, rock climbing till it got to the top and then flew to another field where it blended into invisibility. It was around all day, seen flying from one field to another. Totally shy, skittish bird, no way to really get close. I only saw it in the morning. That's good enough. The beautiful April 2008 woodcock, fondly nicknamed the Timber Doodle.

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