Monday, April 6, 2009

How sweet it is

High on my list of adored birds is the tiny kinglet. Think sparrow. Now shorten same about 2" and you have the little, flitting, energetic, sit-still-for-one-second, bug-catching kinglet. This weekend it was the golden-crowned kinglet. It was flirting with me,.... going high on a tree, coming back down into my face, (too close to focus), posing for a split second before flitting to the next bug. I wanted to see its golden crown, but mostly I wanted to just watch it. The craggy rock above the gill has tiny insects in the crevices. Dining Heaven for a kinglet. It worked that rock like the best alpine climber. I know the kinglet is only passing through the park. I'm glowing with happiness having been able to observe this sweetness.

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