Saturday, April 18, 2009

A quiet observation

There's a partially hidden dirt path. I love this path especially on a cloudy morning. This time there was a flicker working the dead logs for bugs right by the fence. The flicker is a very skittish bird. It feeds head-down, easy pickings from above, so it checks the space above first, then feeds a bit, looks again, feeds more. Usually you can't get close to a flicker. I saw this beauty and held my breath, lifted the camera very slowly and tried to capture the total beauty of this bird. I was shooting through the fence, a scrim of sorts. I didn't dare change my position. The flicker blends into its surroundings except for the red triangle at the back of its head. What did Mother Nature intend?? Give this bird the ability to hide and then paint on a target???? Every bit of this bird is exquisite.

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