Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Wanna Wanna Day

A Wanna Wanna Day is when you go out the door and you wanna wanna see something different. Of course birds don't make appointments, so there's no way to tell who you're going to meet. Yesterday was a warm day so I put away most of my winter clothes. Today it was back to being winter, so this was really a wanna wanna see something for SPRINGTIME. The first choice on my list was to see a kinglet. The second choice was to see any warbler.

There are lots of images from today to be edited. This blog will be the short version. I like to stand by the creek, hide behind the tree and peek at who's coming for a drink. Lots of usual birds- titmice, chickadees, robins, sparrows, jays, goldfinches. And then something caught my eye. I knew I hadn't seen this bird before, certainly not in such spendid breeding plumage, the yellow-bellied sapsucker. My eyes popped out of my head. I gawked at it. It stared at me, click click, and it headed north. That was a real birding thrill. Over at the feeder field a pine warbler arrived, perched on the peanut butter-filled coconut and then the suet cage (those images are for another posting). This was a "wanna" fulfillment, an early spring warbler. I saw it about two hours later at another location, much closer. Pretty little bird. After four hours of birding it was time to head back here. I stopped for a final look at the creek. Movement on the rock caught my eye. There it was, another wanna wish bird, a golden crowned kinglet. It was there and it was gone, there long enough to get a picture, -teensy bird going after bugs in the rock cracks. Even though it was a grey, cold day it was total fun and very exciting.

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