Saturday, May 8, 2010


I keep a data base of what I see and when. There is an absolute pattern of who will show up when. Each year the orioles come to eat at the Pink Bud Bush. They're not the only ones. The catbirds, sparrows, squirrels and some warblers are also drawn to this bush, but only when it's in bloom.


And then a streak of orange went by my head. Oriole, male! I heard it chattering and then singing. This is one thrill bird. You can't not smile when admiring this beauty. I suspect there's a nest nearby, because the male came from east to west several times during the day. No sign of female. Last year I only saw the female in this time period in this shrubbery.

Another diner.
I did see a black-throated blue warbler bug-picking deep in the bush, but could not get a clear picture. Maybe today.......

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