Friday, May 14, 2010

Food frenzy

The mid-air commotion caught my eye. What was going on???????
Obviously this was not a sex face-off. I looked carefully. Oh, food. Glorious FOOD. And not to be shared. To make the situation even more fascinating this food fight was happening in the West Drive with bikes and Conservancy vehicles racing by. Squashed food. Potentially squashed starlings. Sharing is not on their agenda.

I needed to see what all the fuss was about without getting run over myself. The object of their desire was a flattened cake. I've had this myself, Italian I think. It's made like a loaf of bread or muffin with prosciutto and candied fruit in it. This hunk of bread was mashed into the cement, pulverized by passing car tires most likely. If I could have peeled it free I would have done so and moved it to the edge of the road, but the bikes were coming too fast and the delicious loaf was really stuck to the cement.

Ten minutes later there wasn't a crumb left.

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