Friday, May 7, 2010

Odds and ends

Work is interfering with birding this week. Same situation for next week, but I've still got images to post, odds and ends from various days.

It's not easy learning to walk on soil.

I think this is the end of a chipping sparrow. The rest of the bird got eaten. Raptored. Only the tail feathers remained. They're now back here in my odd-lot treasure box. It pays to keep your nose to the ground. Lots of things to find.

This redwinged blackbird has been affectionately named Killer (not by me). He knows who has peanuts and will fly right up to you and make his wish for a handout known. If you don't pay attention he'll peck your backpack or shoulder. He's not the first redwing who has developed this talent. I usually have nut bits, get something out, hold my hand out and he comes right to the hand and takes the treat. I love Killer.

Lots of nest builders all around the city.


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