Monday, May 31, 2010

Too early

I heard the "yell" before I saw the source. Baby starlings don't come into being until the end of June. Their voices can be heard for blocks. This is too early, but they're here. I followed the noise and found this juvenile perched on a fence. Perched. Seemingly stuck there not having figured out how to get off the fence. Yell, yell, yell! I want my mommy!

As time elapsed it was joined by others who sat and stared at the noise-maker.

Finally, it sorted out what to do and flew off towards the mother who was yards away. It just needed the courage to take off.
Over at the Spring there was another young starling. No parent in sight. This youngster studied the company, selected a robin as surrogate parent and even pecked robin on the behind. Robin ignored starling. Eventually Mama starling arrived, bathed, watched by baby, and baby bathed too. I know starlings are brat birds, but I do love the goofy juveniles.


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