Sunday, May 16, 2010

Infatuated- BTB

The Saturday plan was not to run all around the park, but to stay near Strawberry Fields and observe, first by listening and then by watching. It was a gorgeous day.

In the wonderful pinkbud bramble patch came the black-throated blue warblers, male and female. I am infatuated with this warbler, always have been. There was a cluster of them with the males facing off. Lots of chasing . Lots of bugs for everyone, so it wasn't a food challenge. I saw this behavior all day. The males are harder to photograph, nano-second birds, there and then gone. The females are more sedate, don't seem to mind being watched, will stay near one blossom and consume bugs and seed bits. This was a 7th Heaven opportunity. I've never before been able to watch these beloved birds so intimately.

Into the middle of this scene, much to my surprise, came the hermit thrush. For a moment I couldn't sort out what this was, because I'd never before seen the hermit here and didn't expect to see one.

Mrs. Black-throated blue. She looks totally different. She is neither black-throated nor blue.

Also in the mix.

I did see other birds in the bushes. There was a common yellow throat, totally unphotographable, an oriole overhead, a flycatcher way up high, a fleeting magnolia..... but for me it was the chance of a lifetime to feast my eyes on the black throated blue. Total bliss.

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