Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A variety

Didja' see? Didja' see? That's the mantra these days as the migrating birds come into the park. I could make a mighty list of what I didn't see, but that's not my thing. I'm watching behavior of anything that appears in front of me. There are nice flower buds in Strawberry Field where I expect to see orioles. Yesterday, no orioles, but a veery flew to a branch right over my head. Definitely not a hermit thrush. Much sleeker and larger. I saw them all during the day.

The parula again, such a pretty bird, as if painted with a daub brush.

The male redstart, not the best picture, but at least doing what they do best. Flashing.

The bee hive is active again. We need bees.

The yellow rump.

And finally, right in front of our door, bathing robin, weird perfect picture.


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