Thursday, August 5, 2010

After the berries

After gorging on berries this little one looked mighty pleased with himself. Definitely not Amahl as both feet are in perfect condition.

For a while he was on the ground. I watched his body twitching and fully expected the arrival of a pellet or two. Those berry stems don't get digested easily.

Papa was running all around the the area grabbing worms and feeding kids. This time it was a huge worm, still alive when he offered it to Full Belly. It's the first time I saw a baby turn away from food. Too big? Not interested in live food? Belly too full?

Papa worked hard to supply food. Kid absolutely not interested.

Finally, Papa got worm "packaged" right and baby showed some interest.

But worm was still wiggling all over the place.

Baby not interested. Food has to be prepared- sliced and diced.

Food still alive and BIG.

Again, a little interest.

I watched this till the worm got eaten and frazzled parents went off to find food for next kid. You can't not laugh at these antics. Thank God we've got lots of monster worms.
I can't always get into a better viewing position. Moving might cause the birds to fly off. Lighting is not always good. I often have to switch from ISO 5oo to ISO 2000 and back again. It's best to stand still and just try to get the images.

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