Monday, August 2, 2010

Sunday morning

Saturday evening had been eerily quiet, a bit worrisome, totally different from other evenings, but yesterday morning there was lots of activity. It will take three postings to cover all that was going on.

The sparrows eat seeds from the weeds. Mama was feeding her baby. Second baby came down and pounced on sibling. Nothing gentle about it. Potential killer sparrow??

Eating is main actvity in the garden.

I heard the voice. Amahl. He has a distinctive call. Follow the voice, find Amahl. He's doing fine. Still likes that one perch, but flies well now.

The Friday baby from the ivy leaves is doing fine. Parent feeding this sweet new fledgling. It's still a ground explorer. Hopefully it will learn to avoid the driveway.

Lots of food pictures to follow as well as a different surprise.

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