Tuesday, August 31, 2010

An ordinary day

In-the-window bird watcher.

I'm waiting for more hummingbirds, but in the meantime there are interesting "regulars". These are 1/2 and 1/2 starlings- immature-into-adult.

Weirdest grackle I've ever seen....... young-into-adult?, or scalped? Looks more like a vulture-to-be.

Definitely becoming an adult grackle.

Here we go again, bread to be dropped into water for softening. The only difference this time was that no other bird tried to grab the hunk of bread. Only this grackle ate it. Winner takes all?

There's always one pokey squirrel who has to stare into the lens. No trepidation.

Yummy. Good catch. Black-and-white warbler with moth.

Bath time in the Gill.

The sweet flasher- the redstart.
Young titmouse having caught a caterpillar. First titmouse in a while.

Red-eyed vireo.

Canada warbler.

And back here, rear grass near path, every afternoon, Red. At least he's not roaming on the sidewalk any longer. Most of the other robins have now left the area. Heading south??


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