Tuesday, August 10, 2010

River view

You meet all sorts of personalities on the way to the hawks' nest.

Mama in a nearby tree.

I haven't checked up on the hawks on a regular basis, because visibility is difficult and I don't want to be emotionally drawn in to excess. Babies now big enough to see, big babies.

Parents still adding building material to nest. Glass walls would have been nice.

Papa and baby.

Part baby, part adult.

Babies now very observant.

A squirrel came up the nest tree. Papa was there in a flash. Squirrel beat a hasty retreat.

This began the process of bringing up a pellet. It was not body-airing. The pellet ejected and the baby studied the bottom of the nest to see where the "out-take" had landed.

This seems so late for nestling hawks, but we really don't know what happens in the wild. These are city hawks. Maybe in the wild hawks have two or three nests per season.
Some of my pals ask why I don't get a more powerful lens, a 500mm or 600mm. Simple. Too heavy for me to comfortably tote. I'd rather use what I have and have the mobility.

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