Saturday, August 21, 2010

This and that Saturday

I walked out the door, turned to the right, heard a call that I know and there in the first tree was the female common yellow throat warbler. Hey, a West End Avenue surprise. But why not. We've got trees, bugs and water. It's a good place for a traveler to rest.

I thought about spending the day in thhe garden, but tramping around the park is better exercise. Off to Central Park...... no much in Strawberry Field. A lot of immature robins on the lawns. Immature cardinals. And then a green flash by my face at Shakespeare Garden. Yoiks! somebody has lost a family member. That's for sure. But this budgie seems to be calm and well fed. A budgie??? How long will this pretty bird survive. I whistled at it and held out my hand. I don't know what I would have done if it had flown to me. Luckily it was not so inclined.

The northern water thrush was at the Azalea Pond. Out of the water.

Water thrush doing imitation of a penguin.

There are lots of immature cardinals in this area. It's wonderful to see so many "toddlers", but they sure look goofy until they mature. They are all SO sweet.

Maturity...... after bath.


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