Friday, August 20, 2010

Watching everybody

There's no way to predict what's going to appear before the lens. I love everything. Yesterday's first surprise was the Northern Water Thrush.

In the same space was the female redstart. Bath time.

The real desire was to see a hummingbird. On the way to the jewelweed patch I heard the click-click-click-click-click (rapid) call of the young cardinal. Papa was nearby.

I did see one humming bird at the Azalea Pond, a 1/8 second hummer, there and gone. I had an impression of a second passing by, a bullet in flight. Zip, gone, but at least I did really see the one, a female ruby throat, my nano-second favorite.
Then it got funny. The young cardinals came and stared. So who's watching who?

And while waiting for a hummer this pigeon parked itself at my feet. Pigeons are supposed to strut, walk around. Not this character. I think it knows people have crumbs. It set itself at my shoes and waited. Twenty minutes of watching me.

Next time I'll bring some crumbs.

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