Friday, August 13, 2010


This was this afternoon's meeting, but first- I have seen Amahl. He's doing fine. Can run along the ground, sort of a gimpy scooter, and can do a good lift-off to flight. Amahl was following Papa and doing very well.

Now we get to Red. This babe knows how to hunt for food. But somewhere along the line Red missed the lesson about caution. I've seen Red every day and it's always the same thing. Too close to humans. I saw him and he came practically to my shoes. I backed up. Red came closer. I backed up again and Red got to my shoes. There have been times when I've gently coaxed him into the bushes. This kid simply has no concept of potential danger.

The chances are very good that Red will be trod on or hit by a car, but I can't baby sit this fledgling forever. Red: IQ of about 59.

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