Monday, July 7, 2008


I knew this was going to happen. Got down to nest this morning to find one baby left, Runt. From the parental behavior, they really wanted the kids out of the nest. Runt wasn't ready, but they wanted the kid nest-free. It's not hard finding new fledglings. They don't go far and they make a lot of noise calling for food. One fledgling on branch in pine tree. Other two babies in the bushes a few feet east. Parents catering to kids in this garden space and everyone trying to coach the Runt to fledge. Food being delivered from a branch, not into the nest. Parent calling from nearby tree. Siblings calling. Finally Runt got the message. BUT did Runt fly up or across to an adjacent branch? No! Runt flew down into the woodchips on the ground. Runt is a scooter, back and forth in the ground, under flowers, along the curb. Parent calls from branch. Parent flies onto canopy of building. Parent doing "wheelies" to show Runt that UP is good, but Runt stays firmly on ground. Curb, middle of sidewalk, finally door patrol. Parent tries using worm as lure into the bushes, but Runt totally contented where he is. Watching a fledge is nervewracking because anything can happen,- tangle in bushes, bad plunge leading to death, an untimely meeting with a dog or human foot. At least this little family is out of the nest and hopefully will survive and grow strong. Kids grow big. Parents get skinny.

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