Saturday, July 5, 2008


Down to the garden early this morning. Oh, NO! Grounder still on the lawn cowering along the mesh fence. That means he's been down there all night. I move close and he scurries along the fence line. "Cheep cheep". "Cheep cheep". Papa appears and stops on top of fence. Grounder doesn't know what to do. He doesn't have the vertical thrust to fly up to papa and hasn't figured out that he has to back off to fly over the fence. Instead he pecks at the fence. Papa flies down and feeds him. Grounder can't leave the security of the fence, a playpen of sorts. He sees Papa and siblings in the woodchip area across the path. Well, there's a very simple solution. I go over and raise mesh from bottom and Grounder wiggles under and does the 10-yard-dash, across the path, into the chip area, off to join the family. Freedom! Doesn't stop running. One happy baby doing what comes naturally. Running all over the place. Change name to Scooter.

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