Friday, July 4, 2008

More, what a blast!

There's another robin family in the garden, 4 newly fledged kids, 3 in the bushes, 1 on the ground. The "groundling" will get its act together soon, but for now it has difficulty swallowing, glugged over a big berry, and carried a worm around in its mouth for five minutes. Think spaghetti hanging loose.

Meanwhile, in the nest on Maternity Row the quads continue to grow in size and fame. They're going to be the most photographed babies in the neighborhood. The nest is so crowded that sometimes it's hard to tell where one fluff ball begins and another ends. When they all start testing their little wings it could become perilous. For now it is a very funny jumble of feathers, fuzz, wings, beaks and big feet.

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