Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Parsley Delight, Part One

This adventure is not intended as a definitive scientific study. It is a slightly daffy New York adventure. Julia, age 11, is my downstairs neighbor and she is fascinated by everything in nature, so when her grandmother brought some parsley from the farmers' market and that parsley was inhabited by caterpillars it was natural that Julia should bring the parsley to her house to watch what would happen. What happened was that the caterpillars ate all the parsley and then a second bunch of parsley. They ate and ate, chomped it all down and grew long and fat. A couple went roaming, - up out of the planter, down the outside, along the ground and onto the wall of the building where it was retrieved by Julia and returned to the planter. A second caterpillar crawled to the ceiling and stayed there. When all the parsley had been consumed the caterpillars began slowing down.
To be continued ............................


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