Wednesday, July 2, 2008

One week mark

The first hatchling appeared one week ago today. Look at the first post. Now their eyes are open. They're tracking movement. They have feathers and fuzz and their antics are terrific. There's a lot that goes on under mama's tummy and this little nest is going to get awfully crowded. From 10a.m. this morning till 5p.m. this afternoon I think they all grew an inch each. The daily activity includes begging for food, eating, pooping, napping, preening, stretching little limbs,begging, eating, pooping, napping, preening, stretching, etc. Neighbors walk by and admire the little family. Only one arrogant dope insisted on walking right up to the nest and looking in. Across the path and a few feet north is the fuse box with the nesting mourning doves on top, so this stretch of path has now been named "Maternity Row".

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