Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Alpha and Beta

When I arrived this morning Alpha and Beta (my names) were out on a branch together, as sweet as could be. H.A. (Home Alone) was in the nest doing what he does best, EAT. I'll post more pictures in the morning. For now, and I wish I knew video technique, I'll post these images.

The two babies sat on the branch. Beta (on right) wanted to get back to the nest. That presented a quandry, because Alpha Baby wasn't going to move, sat there oblivious to the sibling's wish. There was a stare-off, a questioning look at humans. Finally Beta figured that the only way to get back in the nest was to jump over Alpha Baby. Why the desire to get back into the nest? Food! Only one problem. H.A. doesn't share food. I know I'm humanizing this activity, but that's what happened. Body language said it all.

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