Saturday, June 6, 2009

Baby grackles

The birds nest under the Westside Highway, so at this time of year one sees lots of fledgling starlings and grackles out on the lawn between the highway and the river. The grackles are big, demanding babies. I've seen them sitting helpless in the grass and waiting in the bushes for a food delivery. They're not as raucous as the baby starlings who "yell" non-stop.

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Laura said...

We had a bad wind storm come through last night and have several downed baby birds around our property. All are being looked after but this one small grackle. I filled the closest feeder to where he is down hoping adults will come by and take over. I am sad to see it suffer but I don't want to interfere if I don't have to. This guy is probably about 5-6 days old. feathered but small.