Sunday, June 14, 2009

Alpha Baby

"Brancher" has reached a tree other than the nest tree. Think "Climb every mountain". It starts that way and then progresses. When I got to the hawks this morning Alpha Baby was out on a different limb, two siblings still in nest, both parents in the neighborhood. I'll blog the parents and the antics of Baby #2 later. Alpha Baby was all over the nest tree, but when lunch arrived, rat, that baby was back in the nest in a kalump, splat, right on top of the family. It wasn't an ample lunch. I think this is a parental trick for getting nestlings to leave the nest. They were definitely not well fed at lunchtime. Alpha Baby rested a bit, then took that leap out onto the branch and from there to a nearby tree. There was a good breeze and you sensed this baby felt the lift of the wind. The siblings watched everything. I'm not calling this baby "Brancher" anymore, because they're all going to "branch". There's nothing easy about the introduction to a new space. Movements are tentative, but practice will make perfect. Everyone watched, applauded, felt for the accomplishment. Definitely heart warming.

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