Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A new activity

Think ski jump. Requirements: a skate board, some empty soda cans, the more the merrier, a sloped path leading to five or six steps. A level space at bottom of run. Helmets, wrist guards or knee guards not required.

How the activity is played: Have friends stack soda cans as high as possible on highest step. Person on skate board begins approach at top of sloped path and before reaching soda cans goes airborne. The idea is to clear the cans and steps and reach the lower level in one piece. It doesn't matter if lowest level is surrounded by rocks. A variation of this activity is to have friends throw extra empty soda cans at skate board while in air. (A wider angle lens would have shown the activity better, but a I had to use what I had in my hand.)

Two questions for parents: Do you know what your kids are doing and are they covered by health insurance??

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