Sunday, June 28, 2009

So big, but still a baby

A lot went on today. This is only the first blog. The baby is gorgeous. It's hard to remember that this big beautiful bird is very young. For a while limb perching was the activity, but then it was time to explore and baby flew down to the ground right at the feet of a couple of photographers. This baby hasn't learned fear yet. Photographers backed off. The ground items were examined and bitten. In the middle of this, a totally oblivious jogger came too close and hawk baby flew up to a branch. At least the hawk knows what to do. The jogger's brain was disconnected from his legs, totally disregarded yells and signals to detour. Running in a coma. The baby caught a leaf and played with that until it fell to the ground. There was more excitement after that. Pictures have to be edited. All is well with the hawk family thanks to human baby sitters.

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