Sunday, June 14, 2009

A definite Fledgling

Alpha Baby (Baby #1) is definitely a fledgling having flown to a neighboring tree roundly applauded by adoring onlookers. Photos will follow. I have to figure out how to organize the day's events as I took almost 600 pictures..... Alpha Baby out of nest, the two babies in nest, 2nd baby bouncing off side branch, 2nd baby getting onto side branch for a few seconds, Mama dining on rat, kids dining on leftover rat and definitely wanting more, Alpha Baby thumping back into nest for lunch, the whole family in nest (Papa included), Mama being mobbed by bluejays, Mama on lamppost holding huge branch (it got dropped), babies using nest as trampoline........ this will be a hard edit. There was a lot going on. My heart is filled with love.

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