Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Alpha Baby.... climb every mountain

The only baby I saw out of the nest was Alpha Baby. Between 10am and 11:30 am the family was fed twice, one pigeon, one rat. You'd have thought nobody had been fed for a year judging by the voracious food frenzy. When the rat got delivered the kids grabbed it. Mama wanted it back. One of the kids snapped at her. The rat was finished off in less than 15 minutes and maybe that's why the only baby who got out of the nest was Alpha Baby. The others napped. Oh, they stirred a bit, flapped their wings, and went back to sleep. Stuffed kids. Here's Alpha Baby on limb of nest tree and in second tree, Two trees further north. The afternoon was spent resting, preening, resting, watching a squirrel, but doing nothing about it. Sweet baby full of food.

Also- safety signs are up. Good thinking on the Park's part. Little kids, who naturally have the chase-instinct should also be on leashes.

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