Monday, June 22, 2009

So beautiful to behold

We all have a responsibility now to give the two remaining hawk babies the space and serenity they need to acquire their adult survival skills. Nature knows what to do. Human interference can only do harm. It's necessary to keep a safe distance from them as they explore the world. Yelling children need to be quieted. Walking up to a hawk with a telephone-camera is not safe. A camera with a powerful telephoto lens is better. There is a proper etiquette for birding: first comes the safety of the subject. Never interfere.

It is awesome to see such beauty in the midst of a cement city, amidst so much noise. The hawks picked this location. It is an honor to be able to watch this rite of birth and growth. The least we can do is respect them and give them what they need. All the images have been shot with a 35mm camera with a lens set-up the equivalent of 670mm.

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