Friday, November 27, 2009

Curiously quiet

No robins. After having seen hundreds of robins there were none yesterday. In fact, it was eerily quiet in the park. Maybe one nuthatch, one chickadee, two finches, one cormorant, no robins....... lots of silence except for sparrows dining. Sometimes, instead of looking for variety, the day becomes a day observing who's doing what.
It was at Strawberry Field that a movement caught my eye. I thought I had seen a different kind of sparrow and decided to stand in the grass patch and wait. If it was in that area it would reappear. The house sparrows were dining on seeds in plants that had the soft "feathers", like hunting for food in pillow stuffing. Some of the food was down in the grass, salad. After about twenty minutes the different sparrow, a song sparrow came into view for about three seconds. The other sparrows are bolder, in the open, but the song sparrow is more elusive.
One hawk soaring on high. One downy woodpecker in the distance. It was a very quiet bird day.

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