Thursday, November 12, 2009

Good day for water fowl

It's pouring TODAY. I'd like to be in the park, but am not about to ruin the camera or get soaked. Last evening is still making me smile. I'll never figure out how or why the flock of sparrows would suddenly appear right under the owl's nose. Maybe they know this massive bird won't do a nose-dive. After the fly-out the owl headed towards the lake. We lost sight of it, but all the mallards ran out of the lake, 72nd street end of the lake, a flock of at least 60 ducks, over the path and up the hill. I didn't think about it then, merely thought it looked very funny, a duck stampede out of the water. Surely there wasn't a whale or seal below the surface looking to gobble them up. I've never seen this before, a duck exodus. Maybe they knew something..... danger?, owl attack? I didn't linger. I didn't want to be in the park after dark. Human attack?

I have been learning about the water fowl. The hooded mergansers have caught my eye. On one day I only saw the male. The next day I saw two males with one female. Two were sleep-paddling. Why not. If humans can sleep walk why can't ducks sleep swim. Finally the female woke up. Gorgeous. These are not toys. They're for real water creatures, absolutely stunning.

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