Wednesday, November 4, 2009


God forbid I should bore everyone with bluebird pictures. These are from yesterday, a bit of variety, the Cooper's Hawk in horrible light at the Azalea Pond, the berry-happy robin, and the silly grackles trying to soften up acorns at Tanner's Spring. They really got them wet enough to swallow, choke, but I doubt they were soft. The best was the grackle who soaked and soaked the acorn and then dropped it into the water. All gone. This is not pictures of one grackle. They were all doing this and there had to have been 50 grackles swarming around.

You're not off the hook though. I saw more bluebirds today, at least a dozen, happy to the point of getting dizzy. More bluebird pictures for tomorrow. Sweet, sweet, sweet.... and a nice friend also got to see them. I have no idea how long bluebirds stay in town. As far as I'm concerned it's never long enough. We've got bugs and worms and berries. They can stay as long as they wish.

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