Monday, November 16, 2009

Stunning Sunday- Part1

I got to the park at 9a.m. It was grey, gloomy, damp. Rain had not been predicted, but you could feel moisture in the air. It became a tracking-back kind of day. No matter where I looked for birds the first time I saw little, but on second visits, as the sky cleared, it became spectacular. Naturally, I hoped to see the owl. It was obviously not in the area, because the other birds were active.
First time around the Rambles I saw few birds, but did hear the squirrel calling an alarm. Second time around I met this spectacular young red-tail hawk, no red tail yet. The bird flew from branch to branch and at each branch spread its wings. Maybe it had to dry out after the pounding rain we've had. No matter what the reason it sure looked spectacular.
There will be more blogs- bluebirds, a fox sparrow bathing and cedar waxwings, but first this gorgeous young hawk. There are a lot of images and I'm not done editing. Today is a big-shoot day, not birds, so next entry will be tomorrow.

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