Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More! Glorious more!

It never dawned on me that the bluebirds might stay around for another day. I strolled to the field just to look around expecting nothing. And there were the bluebirds again. I saw four. I never knew they could perch on the side of a tree or sit on a tree stump. They were obviously looking for bugs and worms on the ground. They flew around the area, several fields, and kept coming back to where I waited . Oh, what a sight, such beautiful little birds. I did see other birds, but for now bluebirds take first place.

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Linda said...

I so enjoyed your website and especially the bluebird photos. How exciting!! I would be so thrilled to see a bluebird in Central Park and could not have imagined they would stop by there. Thank you so much. I will be on the lookout from now on.