Wednesday, April 20, 2011


The white throated sparrow stopped to gawk at lens glass and then sang. Its song is
(long notes) E-G-G followed by rapid g,g,g (pause) g,g,g

The sparrow's nest is across the way from the Daniel Webster statue. I saw this startin gon the ground, but people blocked view. Usually the sparrow finds bits of straw and a single feather. The only way this clump of feathers could have come to be is to have been ripped out of pigeon lunch by a hawk. It's lunch clue not nesting comfort. I heard one of the cycle drivers explain to tourist that Daniel Webster wrote the Dictionary.

Sweet chickadee studying ground for food bits.

Dead logs are good food source for flicker.

This mangy squirrel was chomping all the buds off the bush. Oboe player?

Salad days?

I tossed it a peanut in the shell and it didn't know what it was. Squirrel retard? But it knew to eat a shelled peanut bit. This squirrel also had the wobblies. Neurological defect maybe.


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