Saturday, April 16, 2011

One of those days

I owe an apology to another birder, a young fellow with a camera. This was more than an hour after I had photographed the same bird. Strawberry Fields..... loads of hermit thrushes and this one tiny bird flitting all over the lawn. Warbler behavior. My brain fixated on female kinglet. It acted like a kinglet. It looked like a young or female kinglet, maybe a bit larger. My brain got stuck in that rut. It flit around shagging bugs. I could see the bugs. The young birder showed me his pictures and asked, "What's that?" My mouth blurted, "Kinglet". But now I suspect this is a least flycatcher. I had never before seen one on the ground. I suspect this is a flycatcher. It was catching bugs with extraordinary acrobatic skill. But I could be wrong.
Correction: April 26th, I got corrected by a pal. It's a PINE WARBLER. Live and learn.

Definitely a kinglet, the usual hard-to-photograph kinglet, ruby-crowned.

The palm warbler, tail twitcher. Never stays still.

A miracle, a sitting still phoebe, two seconds still.

Being stared at by a no-worm robin.

It was cold. Hermit thrushes were all over the place. Around 1pm I had to get back here and headed west.

I saw this from a distance. What??? What the ....what is this??????!!! A unicorn thrush?????

It was a freak-of-positions, - me, the bird, the background. When you start seeing flying unicorns it's time to go home.


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