Thursday, April 28, 2011


We have a big garden, good viewing from lobby window. From the outside the birds see a reflection of the garden. From inside it's hard getting pictures because of glare. The first thing I saw was the flicker facing-off with a robin. Good bugs in this tree.

Then twitchy movement caught my eye. Oh, boy.... a warbler I know, the blue-winged warbler. I ran out into the garden. Hot, humid, sweat pouring into my eyeballs and one warbler being totally uncooperative, scarfing down bugs non-stop. I tried my best, but could not get the ideal photo.

Into the park, also uncooperative, scurrying along after insects. This made for a nice panning image, the common yellow throat, male.

Finally, a cooperative bird, the yellow warbler at the Upper Lobe.

Walking on air.


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