Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The darn fence

The large field at Strawberry Fields is fenced off, has been fenced off since the start of October 2010. This is getting frustrating. If they don't want people walking or relaxing on the grass they should dig up the grass, lay down concrete and paint it green. I was on the nature path, robin on other side of fence. There was no way to get around that fence for this worm capture, the best of the day. After playing with the "spaghetti" the worm was devoured in one second.

Up near the Pines this robin found some toast and knew how to eat it.

And also in this area, not the first time, I met the robin who has the white spots. I think the term is leucism.

Back to worms.

I believe in playing fair. The peanuts count as a modeling fee.


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