Monday, April 25, 2011


There's no way of knowing how a day is going to turn out. The first good sign was the continued survival of the cardinal nest.

I suspect this is the Mama squirrel. Note anatomy. She also has a healthy appetite.

After that the day exploded in glory. I think I declared, "Oh, my God!" more than I have in the whole past 6 months. The cooperative hooded warbler.

Then on to the sudden appearance of the yellow warbler. It was staying there in the sun, a yellow miracle.

The posing yellow rump.

This was too funny. Come quick! A worm eating warbler. Yes, that's its name. Where? See the log? Under the log, behind the rock, in the grass, under the leaves. Crap! That's what these birds do, eat worms under, behind everything. I didn't see it and wandered off. Then my pal Ardith called. Bird out in the open. Where? There! Where? So my other pal, Sarah got me lined up with her view and the lens caught it,- one worm eating warbler not eating worms, grooming after bathing in a puddle. I know I've seen this kind of warbler about a year ago and posted images, but this was different, grooming.

In the brush, a very brief glance, the brown thrasher.

And not to ignore the robin,- having eaten all those worms it's now time to build the nest. Hard work ahead.

More glory being edited to post. It's brilliant in the park.


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