Friday, April 22, 2011

Great Thursday

This was a wonderful birding day........ the first black-and-white warbler and the first yellow rump warbler.

But the sweetest find was the squirrel den. The Alpha baby was out of the den exploring the immediate tree area and gnawing on the bark. This baby can move up and down the side of the tree, but not with expertise yet and no way is it ground-ready.

After a while I wandered off to find more birds. That was successful..... future posts..... then returned to the squirrel den tree.

Wait! What's that in the corner? A tiny nose. Oh, my God, another baby.

One out, one in. Maternal feelings running amok. Alpha Baby working tree side, younger sibling watching.

Oh, my God!!!!!! Another baby. Now I'm squealing with delight. (Good thing I was standing alone.)

Alpha Baby showing off.

A Park's Department scooter went by and all three disappeared into the den. This is going to be a fun tree to observe. They're going to get scampering cute in that tree before they come down to the ground. Hopefully, they won't become hawk lunch.


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