Monday, April 11, 2011

A little variety

At least once every three days I check on Tanner's Spring. For a long time there was no activity. There is no leaf cover overhead. If I were a bird I'd also be wary, but now the regulars are stopping by to bathe- startlings, robins, sparrows, juncos, grackles, cardinals,- lots of them. This is good. Pretty soon the warblers will be stopping by too.
Over at the feeding field, a peanut-suet loving creeper.

Down by the river the opportunistic sparrows have co-opted the bathrooms at 74th street for their home. They're there all year round. Creatures of comfort.

Bubble brain.

If there's food a goose will come right to it. Please don't nibble my shoes.

Mama, what super feet you have.

Newly seeded lawn. Seeds = new grass. Seeds = chickadee attraction. Gobble, gobble.

And how can I ignore my favorites at this time of year, the worm-hunters.

Pack it in. Girth needed. Nesting season is here.


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