Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The big world, Part 1

Yesterday morning, two remaining kids. I just felt this was going to be fledging time. Last opportunity to get portraits in nest.
Sometimes parents stop bringing food to nest. This coaxes kids out to get the food. Not so this time. They got chow.

Oh, oh..... is it now?

Yes! A fledge. What's the first thing to do once out in the world? Poop!

Solo in nest. Home alone.

Meanwhile, downstairs there's the path, the bushes, lots of nice space if you know what you're doing.

Upstairs Papa is going to coax last kid out of nest.

Downstairs is exploring bushes. Very smart. It's safer in the bushes. Won't get stepped on or eaten by a dog.

Nice perch in bushes, a good place to relax and call for food.

Upstairs is exploring options.

Is it now?

To be continued.


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