Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Searching by ear

Dense leaf cover, high grass. The only way to find who's downstairs is by listening and then watching for movement. It seems as if once out of the nest all the kids expand. This young robin doesn't really know how to feed itself yet. Parent placed berry on ground and kid studied it, not sure what it was or how to eat it. It did finally get it in and down.

There are at least 15 new fledglings up in the trees all calling for food.

Still in nest. All other nest-mates have left home.

But what I was really listening for was the young cardinal. Finally, from above,"peep, peep, peep". Wow, this is a steady youngster. No longer a little fluff ball. Both parents came to feed it, but by then it worked into the leaf cover.

The only silent fluffy thing in the garden and someone will eat it.


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