Sunday, July 24, 2011

Coping in the heat

I didn't think about going out with camera in this heat until I heard "mewling" from up in the tree. Baby pigeon. Baby???? Yes. Look at beak. Long and narrow and throat feathers not fully grown in yet. I only stayed out for an hour and this kid stayed in the tree for the full hour.
In comparison, the adult pigeon has a stubbier, shorter beak. And red legs.

Bird behavior was slow, almost sluggish. Sitting in one spot was the main behavior.

Being under the mulberry tree was good, because with little effort there was available food on the ground.

Mouths open = aerating.

Lots of immature robins, speckled, far fewer adult robins. I wonder what they're up to. A few starlings. The few pigeons. Everyone else in hiding and quiet. One hour and that was enough.

One wilted human.


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