Saturday, July 9, 2011

The next morning

Next morning, all quiet at cardinal nest, no sign of parents in area, utter desolation. Perhaps parents abandoned this nest result altogether? No idea. There's not much one can figure out without a clue.

Off to check up on robin fledglings. Two clues: food deliveries and sounds, kids calling for food. Follow clues, hopefully find kids.
One of our babies way up in tree. I heard the others, but could not find them in the bushes.

A slightly older fledgling learning to be independent.

Another fledgling enjoying our fountain.

One of our new fledglings.

Mulberry food delivery.

Another nest! In tree under bushes. Dark.

They're just about ready to fledge.
Same screaming young starling from two days ago with molting mother. She's absolutely identifiable.

Moth for brunch.

The screaming, demanding starlings are good for a laugh. but it was the cardinals I wanted to find. Dejected, I went on to do morning chores.

There will be another posting this afternoon.


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